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The Jersey Guys Podcast - Episode 26: The career of singer Tony Mills

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The Jersey Guys are back with a brand-new podcast for you and this time we tried something a bit different. If you have been following along with the podcast since we started, we have done episodes where we have had special guest interviews and we have had episodes where we’ve had discography discussions on bands, sometimes full discographies, and sometimes certain eras of a band. This time around we thought we would take a more “free-form” approach and pick a musician and discuss their career, the bands they were in and albums they played on and just have a general discussion on that musician.

We think we came with a good one to start this idea off with and it is none other than the great British vocalist Tony Mills. Of course, if you know Tony Mills name then you know bands he was in bands like Shy and TNT and maybe even Siam, but Mills was an ace singer who was capable of many different styles and therefor was in demand in the hard rock and AOR world throughout the years. He sang on many albums and projects such as Serpentine, State of Rock, Crying Steel as well as having six solo albums to his credit and there was so much more.

In this episode we touched on a lot of the work Tony Mills had done over the years, but we’d probably need a part two to cover it all so we touched on the major highlights. So, sit back and check out our discussion about the late, great singer Tony Mills!

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