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The Jersey Guys Podcast - Episode 25: Rick Ventura of Riot Act (and formerly Riot)

We are back with a brand new episode of The Jersey Guys Podcast for you all and this time around we have special guest Rick Ventura formerly of Riot and currently of the new band Riot Act. Rick appeared on the classic Riot studio albums “Narita”, “Fire Down Under”, “Restless Breed”, “Born In America” as well as 1980’s “Riot Live”.

Joining us in the studio for this episode is special co-host Phil DiBenedetto, who was our very first guest on The Jersey Guys Podcast! Phil was of course the long-time owner of Zig Zag Records in Brooklyn, NY and he was the perfect co-host to bring Rick down memory lane and talk about those early days of Riot and the NY scene that they were both a part of.

Nowadays, Rick & Riot Act just released its debut album “Closer To The Flame”, so we touch on that as well and get all the details of what their plans are for 2022 and beyond.

So settle it and check this episode out. It was a real good one!

Check out the latest on Riot Act at

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