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Jerome Mazza of Pinnacle Point, Angelica & more!

The Jersey Guys Podcast is back with episode # 29 and this time we are joined by special guest Jerome Mazza (Angelica, Pinnacle Point, Steve Walsh and solo work).

Jerome Mazza is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. At the age of 8, Jerome taught himself how to play the guitar and sing after being influenced by guitarist and singer/songwriter, Mark Farner of the band Grand Funk Railroad. Playing guitar and singing through his teenage years, he joined his first band at age 19 and toured the east coast in various pop and rock bands. Jerome started to write songs at the age of 25 and was very influenced by the rock band, Kansas, whose music combined classical music with progressive rock.

While honing his songwriting and his singing, he became a session vocalist including singing commercials in Los Angeles for major corporations such as Coors Beer, Pizza Hut, HBO and several publishing firms.

In 1990 Jerome became the lead singer for the second album from the Christian metal band, Angelica, entitled “Walking In Faith”. The album ended up being the best-selling Angelica record. Still today, it’s known as one of the best metal albums in Christian music.

In 2015, Jerome recorded a self-titled solo album in a classic adult contemporary style that could be compared to everything from Josh Groban to Michael Bolton.

In 2016, Jerome became the lead singer and one of the founding members (along with guitarist/songwriter/producer Torben Enevoldsen) of the band, Pinnacle Point.

In 2017, Jerome contributed lead vocals to multiple tracks on Steve Walsh’s (Kansas) fourth solo album entitled “Black Butterfly” which was released in November of that year. Jerome sings lead vocals on three songs (“Winds Of War”, “Now Until Forever”, “Mercy On Me”) and duets with Walsh on the single “Born In Fire”.

In late 2018 Jerome released his new solo album “Outlaw Son” and it is a classic AOR album of the finest order, drawing comparisons to Journey and other great AOR acts.

After listening to the podcast you can stay up date with the latest on Jerome Mazza at

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