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Danny Martinez of C.I.T.A./Guild of Ages

The Jersey Guys Podcast is back with a brand new episode and this time we talk with guest Danny Martinez of C.I.T.A./Guild of Ages.

Caught in the Act (aka C.I.T.A) and later Guild of Ages, is an interesting band to say the least. Born in the late 1980’s on the Denver, CO music scene they finally released their debut album in 1995 to the delight of melodic rock fans worldwide. After a quickly following up with their second record they were forced to change their name for legal reasons and Guild of Ages is the name the band continued on under releasing several albums including the 2018 comeback “Rise”. The band sounded as good as ever on this record so we tracked down singer Danny Martinez and talked at length about the bands career and the possibility we will hear new music from them in the near future. This was great conversation with one of the more talented artists of the underground melodic rock scene, so check out episode 31 of The Jersey Guys Podcast now!

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